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Booking lessons

How to join a booked lesson

To join a lesson that you have already booked, do the following:

  1. Go to your Student Portal
  2. Select the booked lesson that you want to join
  3. Click on the Zoom link

This will automatically open the Zoom lesson. The teacher will let you in.

How to reschedule or cancel a lesson

To reschedule or cancel a booking, do the following:

  1. Go to your Student Portal
  2. Click the pen✏️ in the booked lesson that you want to reschedule or cancel
  3. Click on the button reschedule
  4. Click on the button cancel

Your booking will be rescheduled or cancelled, and you will receive a confirmation email

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Attending lessons

Downloading Zoom

The Spanish Tribe lessons are given via the Zoom application. You can download it here: https://zoom.us/download

Once Zoom is properly installed, you can check everything works well by joining a test meeting.

Using Zoom

With Zoom installed, the lesson will automatically start when you click on the lesson link. You can test your Zoom installation here.

What is required for the lesson:

  • Enable your video camera. The teacher will need to see you.
  • Enable your audio. So that you can talk with the teacher and the other students.
  • Speakers or headphones. You will need to listen to the lesson. It is highly recommended to use headphones during an online lesson.
Troubleshoot with Zoom

Sometimes Students have difficulties with using Zoom. Make sure you are using the latest version.

Learn how to update Zoom here.