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If you are not an affiliate, but wish to become one, you will need to apply. To apply, you must be a registered user on this blog. If you have an existing account on this blog, please log in. If not, please register.


👉 To get your unique link go to ‘creatives’ :). 

IMPORTANT!: Don’t edit the link, it contains your unique ID, so just copy and paste as it is!

  1. Navigate to the “Creatives” section and copy the link labeled “Your Affiliate Link Using Affiliate ID.”
  2. Share this link with a friend or open it on another device.
  3. Click the shared link.
  4. After clicking the link on the same device, select the option below to add the “Test Product” to your cart. It costs 0.50 euros. Click “Add” in step 5 to proceed.
  5. Now, add the “Test Product” to your cart.
  6. Complete the purchase by proceeding to checkout and making the payment.
  7. After the transaction, check the ‘Overview’ section in this dashboard. If your link is working properly, you will notice that your balance has been updated.

You can track all click links and purchases in the ‘overview’ section.

You get paid when someone you refer purchases any of my courses/lessons.

1. Go to ‘Edit profile’>Payment details>Paypal Transfer

2. Add your Paypal email address and start receiving your commissions!

You can create a free paypal account here:

Don’t want to use Paypal? No problem! Contact me on Whatsapp to arrange a different payment method!) 

You’ll earn 12% of what is paid by the person you refer. 

Important: I give all my students a 15 days money-back guarantee. So, I’ll transfer your commission once this 15 days have passed 🙂